Geosciences Honours College

Tailormade Courses

“Bring both you creative and academic skills to the next level.”

Are you an ambitious student looking to take your skills to the next level? The Tailor-Made Honours Course (TMC) is designed specifically for you! Whether you choose an external honours course or embark on a personalized project, you are bound to be challenged.  

Similar to the creative challenge, the idea is to set up your own personal learning goal but whith the TMC you are allowed to create a more scientific end product. This end product should be related to Geosciences. For some this might be a daunting exercise, luckily all students are required to find a staff member of the geosciences to guide and supervise them during the TMC. The TMC is not only a great way to learn new skills but also challenges you to create realistic goals for yourself.  

Are you currently an Honours student or are you considering joining the Honours program, and you want to know more about this component? Click on the UU-blackboard button below, where you can read the study guide! 


Studyguide (Blackboard)