Geosciences Honours College

Creative Challenges


“How to communicate your knowledge to a wider audience? A Creative Challenge gives you the tools.”

During a bachelor program, students mostly develop academic skills within their program. Writing essays or papers, taking tests or giving a presentation on a certain topic. But how to communicate knowledge to a wider audience? A creative challenge gives the opportunity to students to develop skills that are required to do this. Creative Challenge project is a course which is fully shaped by yourself, with ‘creativity’ and ‘challenge’ at its core. Every topic within the domain of geosciences can be the base for a creative challenge. You can do this challenge by yourself or together with another student within Honours. The creative challenge is a really flexible component, because you can determine the organization of your program together with your chosen supervisor! Because of this flexibility, you also work on your organizational skills, time-management, creative skills and communication skills. And the result can be absolutely surprising! This challenge gives you the freedom to vary from tests or papers and to communicate your knowledge in a creative way like a podcast, video, seminar series and much more.  

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