Geosciences Honours College

Honours Conference Committee

Get to know the Conference Committee!

The conference committee is dedicated to organizing a conference specifically designed for Honours students. Our main task is to provide a platform where all Honours students can present and showcase their accomplishments and projects from the past year. As committee members, we take on various responsibilities such as event planning, coordinating catering services, and ensuring a seamless organization. Through this experience, we not only contribute to the success of the conference but also gain valuable skills in event management and organization.

The most enjoyable aspect of this committee is the freedom and creativity we have in organizing the event. We get to brainstorm and implement unique ideas, particularly when it comes to selecting a captivating theme for the conference. This allows us to give fun experience for both presenters and attendees.

As mentioned above, by organizing a conference within this committee, you can develop various valuable skills such as event planning, project management, teamwork, effective communication, promotion and marketing, budgeting and financial management, logistics coordination, and problem-solving. A very valuable list.

The committee’s time commitment is relatively balanced throughout the second semester, when the conference preparations are primarily taking place. On average, it requires approximately 1-2 hours of weekly meetings, along with additional tasks like booking catering services and creating schedules.


The committee currently consists of two professors and seven students, making a total of nine members.