Geosciences Honours College

Geohouse Committee

Get to know the Geohouse Committee!

The GeoHouse committee organizes and facilitates discussion events to introduce staff and students to new and relevant topics in the field of geosciences. Usually, two speakers with different perspectives are invited to give a short lecture after which we engage in a discussion.

The most enjoyable part of this committee is to be able to freely work on topics of your interest together with fellow committee members and see your efforts come to life in an event that you can share with fellow students. However, another fun component to this is to come in contact with researchers in your field of interest.

The skills you can learn in this committee are:

–          communication skills with speakers/academics;

–          presentation experience;

–          facilitation skills of discussion/workshop/event;

–          poster making and promotion skills, and;

–          general teamworking skills.

The Geohouse committee usually meets every other week for 20 minutes up to one hour, although the aim is to meet weekly. Exam periods are less time consuming, periods leading up to events are more disciplined. On average the workload is not higher than one hour per week, varying per role and organizational stage.

Preferably, this committee consists of 4-6 people, depending on availability, continuity, and workload considerations.


The Geohouse Committee of 2022-2023