Geosciences Honours College

Honours Options

“Honours is not only to expand your perspective, but also to deepen your knowledge.”

As an Honours student, you are keen on exploring more in depth knowledge!  A part of this is to expand your knowledge (e.g., by following the seminars). However, another component for you can be to further deepen your knowledge within your own field. Honours students are required to take at least four courses from their regular program at Honours level. This is for you to be sure that you deepen your knowledge on several topics! This means that the content of these courses is partly different for Honours students. The output of this additional assignment can sometimes actually be quite creative! For example, developing an excursion (in theory), writing an article, organizing a reading and discussion or many more things.  As a guideline, the size of the Honours option is 20-40 hours total per course.  

 Are you currently an Honours student or are you considering joining the Honours program, and you want to know more about this component? Click on the UU-blackboard button below, where you can read the study guide! 


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