Geosciences Honours College

Honours Activity Committee

Get to know the Activity Committee!

Our committee organizes fun and educational activities to get to know each other better and to get a sense of community. We organize all sorts of activities, from pub-quizzes to trips to museums and a day away to another city.

The most fun part of this committee is to have freedom in organizing all kinds of activities. We are flexible in the things we want to organize. We organize the activities that we think are fun, so we also get to enjoy them.

Within this committee you learn how to organize activities and all the difficulties that come with it. Skills that you can learn are for example budgeting, learn how to make a balance between fun and educational parts within the same activity, and planning.

The time we spent on organizing the activities is very flexible, because we have influence on when and what we want to do. A day trip somewhere is relatively more work than evening activities like a pub quiz.

Right now, we are with 8 people in the activity, and we split up the organization for the activities between smaller groups.

The Activity Committee of the year 2022-2023