Geosciences Honours College


“Getting out of your comfort zone by exploring different disciplines.”

Do you wonder what it is like to work together with students from all faculties? From Law to Medicine to our own Geosciences? Descartes College offers interdisciplinary Honours courses for bachelor’s students. These courses have a broad nature, covering various fields. The Descartes courses enable students to see how their own discipline relates to others. They will discuss topics with fellow students and teachers from other specializations. Each course reflects upon the academic disciplines from a different perspective. The Descartes College offers four different courses, all spanning two periods. Every student from the Geosciences Honours College can enroll in each of the Descartes courses. One of these courses counts as one of the required profiling courses of the GHC program, even though more courses can be followed. 


It is important to note however that these courses are all in Dutch!  


Studyguide (Blackboard)