Geosciences Honours College

Honours Student Council

What is the Honours Student Council?

The Honours Student Council (HSC) represents the students’ opinions and perspectives. To do so, the committee meets regularly with the Honours director to exchange ideas on how to improve the program. The members of the HSC are people of contact for other students. To represent all students in the best possible way, the work of the committee includes taking and analyzing surveys.

The biweekly meetings with the Honours director are valuable to deeply discuss parts of the Honours curriculum. The Honours Student Council gives us as students the opportunity to share our views and influence within the Honours program in a meaningful way.

The most valuable skills you can learn by joining the HSC are critically thinking and evaluating; communicating in a constructive manner; and working together as a team.

The committee meets weekly, either for brainstorming and working sessions, or with the director. The workload is evenly spread over the whole year.

How to contact the Honours Student Council?


Do you want to join the Honours Student Council?

Now we are with five people in the Honours Student Council; but of course, more people are welcome to join! Send an e-mail to the address above!