Geosciences Honours College

Honours Travel Committee

Get to know the Honours Travel Committee!

The HoTC is in charge of organizing the yearly trip of the Geosciences Honours Community, which usually takes place abroad. The main aim of such trip is to get to know the chosen country beyond its most touristic side. For example, by delving into the hidden issues such country is facing, by speaking with local people, by visiting historical and protected sites, or by engaging actively with local students and universities. Furthermore, an essential goal of the trip is to create a sense of community amongst Honours students.

The most fun part of this committee is seeing the trip become reality! Even though you might enjoy organizing, making calls, writing emails, and being in touch with different stakeholders (just like the majority – if not all – of the committee members), the actual trip is definitively the most fun and satisfactory part of the HoTC.

The skills you will learn within the HoTC are infinite! You will learn how to commit to a role, including respecting deadlines and managing wisely your time. You will get in touch with public/private entities, enhancing your communication skills. Moreover, you will guide a large group in a foreign country, improving your leadership skills and problem-solving skills (in case something turns out differently from what expected…).
The HoTC is very time consuming – which is fun of course if you want to challenge yourself. Depending on your role within the committee, you will need 2-6-hours a week.

The HoTC 2022/23 is composed by 7 members. This number is usually fixed but may vary depending on different circumstances.