Geosciences Honours College

Honours Trip

One of the most fun and educational parts of the Geoscience Honours College is the Honours Study Trip Abroad. On this usually one weeklong trip organized by the HoTC, you will learn all about the cultural, historical and physical landscapes and talk and mingle with locals. Experiencing your destination vastly different to what you usually would as a tourist. Study trips have been among others to Northen Italy; Liege and Cologne; Montenegro and Kosovo. Besides mingling with locals, this trip allows you to get to know your Honours peers even better as you will be encouraged to work together and have fun with your travel companions. A really nice chance to connect better with your fellow Honours students! Although it‘s required to take part in the study trip abroad once, you are entitled to reimbursement of a part of the costs ensuring all will have an unforgettable experience abroad.   

Studyguide (Blackboard)

An overview of all Honours Trip Destinations Dynamic Map: